The program of seminar is presenting research activities. There are two groups of researchers will present and divided into four groups according to the research topic:

  1. Call for Paper : individual or group should submit the full paper before 20 october 2019. The papers will be selected by the committee to be present in the seminar.
  2. Researchers that represent research institutes or agencies: the topics are according to implementing research that has been done by them. The delivering topics will be determined by the Committee according to the mapping result.

Topics Call For Paper

  1. Integration and Transportation Management
  2. Intelligent and Sustainable Transportation
  3. Infrastructure and Transportation Technology
  4. Multimodal Transportation and Logistic

Requirements of Participant

  • Participants can submit than 1 paper with the same or different topic as an individual or a teams. Maximum number of persons in a team is 3 people.
  • No charges for participants .
  • People who submit the paper according to the organizer form is considered as participants.

Manuscript Provisions

  • Paper script MUST be original and no publicated and commercialed before.
  • Paper script according to the outline Call for Paper as following: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodologi, Result and Analysis, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, Bibliography.
  • Maximum number page is 15 pages.
  • The script is uploaded in *.pdf and *.doc (x).
  • The script has uploaded text cannot be canceled, deleted, or revoked by the Participant.
  • If the script submitted is suspected of violating intellectual property rights or legal provisions then it is deemed not fulfilling the requirements.
  • The paper is reviewed by the expert team according to the writing and their respective fields.
  • Selected papers will be published in an Accredited Journal or recommended for publication in the Global Indexed Journal.
  • The committee’s decision cannot be contested.