The output of plenary session is the macro concepts about transportation research in Indonesia. In this session will be invited international research institutes as well as national institutes represent a country or industrial sector in the field of transportation. The speakers of the plenary session are:

  • Vice President Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the theme “Mainstreaming Sustainable Transportation Development in Indonesia”.
  • Head of Research and Development Agency on Transportation with the theme “Transportation Research Positioning in Indonesia nowadays”.
  • Head of National Research Board with the theme “Technology Development in Supporting National Transportation Research”.
  • Transportation Research Board of America with the theme “Development and Management of National Transportation Research”.
  • Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas with theme “Funding Support in Transportation Research and Development”.
  • Hyundai Research Institute with the theme “Research Agenda for Future of Transportation System”.
  • Director of PT. LEN Industry with theme “Research Development of Intelligent Transportation”.
  • Director of PT. Dirgantara Indonesia with theme “Research Development to Enhance Competitiveness of Aviation Industry”.
  • Head of IPERINDO with theme “Research Development to Enhance International Competitiveness of Shipping Industry”.